Matt Payne

Matt Payne is an Oklahoma based travel photographer, writer and filmmaker. Matt spent the first fifteen years of his professional life bouncing back and forth between working as a television writer on shows like CBS's Vegas and Defenders to traveling the world shooting and writing for TheWashington Times Communities and Communities Digital News. Matt currently shoots and writes destination pieces for 405 Magazine as well as and in recent years, Matt has shot wildlife and landscape in Rwanda, Alaska, Galapagos, Iceland, Costa Rica and Panama with upcoming adventures to Thailand, the Amazon River and the Arctic. In addition to print and digital media, Matt produces OETA's newest travel show Mosaic Oklahoma and teaches film courses at Oklahoma City University. He is also a member The Society of American Travel Writers as both a photographer and writer and the Writer's Guild of America. Let me know if you need a higher res of that image and I'll track down the photographer.