Geovanny De Leon

You could sometimes find Geovanny underwater, other days above water. One thing you won’t see is him without a camera. Graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Visual Communication and Marketing. He has explored almost every field in the advertising community. From TV commercial to print making; one thing that never seem to far away, is photography.

Now landing in Oklahoma, Geovanny spend his entire time devoted to photography. Never leaving the tradition side of this medium. Old analog and film cameras is his first choice when it comes to a well taken portrait. There’s something more valuable when you take full control of your photographs and he knows it. Loading the first roll of the day, all the way from cooking a new batch of chemicals. Spending hours perfecting the craft and visualizing results before the shutter ever clicks. He takes pride from his work and the results speaks for himself.

You could find more work of Geovanny on his Instagram page @deleon138.